E2 Visa

E2 investor visa

Are you looking to start a franchise business in the USA? Well you don’t have to dread the hassle anymore because the E2 Visa is a simple and effective solution and we can show you how!

United States is undoubtedly one of the best places to invest and grow your business into something worthwhile. So you no longer have restricted investment options as USA is signing E2 Visa treaties with several countries and WE can help YOU get there!

How Does the E2 Visa Work?

Now to start out, you or your employees can work legally in the US if you are a national of that particular country that has already signed the treaty of commerce and navigation with the US. So as long as your country is on that list, we’d say you are off to a pretty good start! The visas granted initially have a temporary lifetime that lasts up 4 to 5 years, however there is no limit to the request for extensions that you can make. The reciprocity agreement between the US and your country and the viability of your business are two major contributing factors to the length of your visa. Lastly, when moving to the United States, you don’t have to worry about leaving your loved ones behind because visas can also be issued to spouses, minors and children so you can bring them along wherever you go. Not only this but an additional perk is that your spouse will also be eligible to apply for a work permit once you are physically settled.

Who Can Apply?

There are 6 general qualifications that you need to keep in mind when applying:

  • As you are the applicant, you must have the nationality of the country that has entered into a treaty with the USA.

  • You must be transferring to the USA to work in a company that you completely own or at least 50% of it belongs to the nationals from your country.

  • It is important for the sake of a successful application that you are either the owner of the company in USA or a key employee such as a director or executive with essential skills that are crucial to the business.

  • The applicant should have invested or must be in the process of actively investing a substantial amount of capital. Even though there is no legal minimum requirement in the law, the dollar amount should be substantial when put in comparison to the type of the business.

  • The US company must be financially strong enough to create jobs for America’s citizens, therefore it should be actively engaged in profit generating commercial activities rather than just being a means of supporting the investor.

  • All US non-immigrant E2 Visa holders must enter the US with the intentions of departing when their time of stay finishes. So it is most likely that the applicant will be asked to present his eventual plan on how he plans to leave the country after the contract ends.

Which Countries Have a Treaty with the US and Which Citizens Can Apply?

Since it is important that your country of origin has signed a treaty with the US we urge you to go and check if your country is listed.

Visa Treaty Countries Listing on the U.S State of Department webpage will help you double check and gain the required information on the status of your country’s treaty.

If you have any more questions regarding E2 Visas, please feel free to contact me – there are no fees for our services and no obligations. Contact Greg Mohr – the Franchise Maven today! 361-772-6401 or email: greg@franchisemaven.com

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