ShelfGenie Corporate Market JUMP-START Program


ShelfGenie Corporate Market JUMP-START Program

We are excited to announce that ShelfGenie is introducing an innovative new option for Franchise Ownership. Our new JUMP-START Program eliminates the need to “cold-launch” a market.

Due to the structure of our business model, we have opened, and are operating multiple markets prior to having a buyer in place. These markets are currently being operated by our Corporate Markets team and already have in place:
• A team of Designers and Installers, (the number of Designers and Installers will vary depending on the market and number of territories in that market).
• A Marketing and Advertising strategy that is actively being executed.
• Reporting and analytics as to the performance of each market in multiple categories including: Top line revenue, Marketing and Advertising ROI, Performance metrics for the existing team in place etc.

We are looking for Executive-Minded Candidates interested in Multi-Unit opportunities and that want to build a significant business. This is a unique opportunity for these candidates that are interested in getting a JUMP-START for their new business by taking over a “warm” market. And the best part is: the upfront investment is the exact same as it would be for a new franchise!

Our Corporate Market JUMP-START Program will be structured as follows:
• The initial investment will remain the same as it would be for a brand-new franchise: $45,000 for Initial Franchise Fee and $36,000 for each additional territory. Territories are a minimum of 250,000 households.
• In addition to the upfront investment there will be a Capped Earn Out of 10% of Gross Revenue paid for 18 months after the purchase of the territories.
• We will use a streamline formula for each territory to determine a dollar amount at which the 10% Earn Out will be capped. Any revenue generated above that amount will not be subject to the 10% earn out.
• The 10% earn out is in addition to Royalties and other standard recurring fees.

Please email me for a list of available Corporate Markets for sale. To discuss any of this in more detail, or to inquire about a specific market, please contact me directly.


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