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Sam is a technology professional with a passion for education. He's been pleasantly surprised at just how thorough Huntington's training and support is, and how successful Huntington franchisees all advise "Just follow the system!" to achieve financial and personal rewards.

Q. What was your background prior to becoming a Huntington franchise owner?
A. I worked in the Tech industry for over 20 years. The last job as an employee was Head of Education for Middle East and Africa for Microsoft, responsible for managing technology integration in education in 82 countries. My last role before starting the Huntington Franchise was the CEO of a startup in the Middle East called where eLearning was delivered to education consumers through the Internet and was piloted in 3 countries with 10,000 teachers.

Q. What were the top three reasons you chose to invest in Huntington?
A. 1. Credibility: I conducted an extensive due diligence to find the right franchise business to invest in. I wanted to continue my drive in education but at the same time needed a strong player that had a good reputation in the market.
2. Revenue: Huntington was the highest revenue generating franchise model compared to other franchises in the education industry.
3. Community Impact: I was interested in a franchise that would have direct and visible impact in the community and Huntington had the right recipe for success.
Q. What are your impressions of the level of training and support Huntington offers to franchisees?
A. I was very surprised after having gone through the training and support in my new center. It is very extensive and this significantly lowers the chances for failure. I spent over 6 weeks of training in corporate headquarters and had access to coaches on the job when my center was opened. This made it easy for us to get on the right path quickly. We were able to generate revenue and sign students up from the first month. As a matter of fact, we ended up recovering over 1/3 of our startup investment in the first month alone which was phenomenal!

Q. What were your conversations like with your now fellow Huntington franchisees?
A. One of the things as I was very anxious to pursue in the beginning of the journey was a 1:1 with the many successful franchisees at Huntington and so I had the chance to speak with 3 top franchisees who were in the top 10 centers nationwide and I was amazed how the message from all three of them was consistent. They all pretty much were united on one message: "Just follow the system!" And having been open and having done exactly that for 3 months, I am happy to say that this is the best message I got. Just follow the system and do right by the kids and you will succeed..

Q. What advice would you give to those who are beginning their franchise search?
A. There is nothing more rewarding in life than being able to have a direct impact on the direction of a child's life. I visited over 50 countries in my life and lived in 6 with 1 of them having gone through a major war. I know what desperation feels like. We are blessed here in the US, but the rest of the world is not. I understand how someone feels like when they are hanging by a thin thread and about to fall into the abyss. Now imagine yourself at the top pulling this person up into safety. It's the best feeling in the world!! Not only is this rewarding, but you are making money along the way.

My simple advice is this: Students represent 15% of the population of any country (UNESCO figures). Helping them to safety is always in demand, and being there to do it through a proven system and making money along the way is significantly more impactful than any franchise prospect out there.

Q. What are your business goals during your first couple of years of franchising?
A. My goal is for this center to hit US $1M in revenue in year 2 and I am currently working on plans to establish my second center. Now that I have the recipe down, it's time to multiply the outcome.

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