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No kindergartner ever raised his hand in class and said:
"When I grow up I want to own a residential cleaning franchise".
If you ask ANY of our owners (most of which are past CEO, COO, Executive level leaders, Engineers, very successful people), which i encourage you to go through our process and do, none of them will say they ‘had residential cleaning’ on their radar as a potential 'Franchise fit' for them.
So why did they chose a residential cleaning franchise?
Here are the reasons:

  • • The Numbers – The margins are solid.
  • • Repetitive business – people get their house cleaned 1-4 times a month.
  • • Predictable revenue (see number 2), which means the valuation when you sell is easier to predict and R.O.I. is easier to obtain.
  • • Scalable – it’s pretty simple, we clean houses with proven systems that our owners have helped us build over 33 years. We listen.
  • • Work/Life balance – 40-50 hours a week to start. 8:30a-5:30p – weekends not required. But can be an additional source of revenue.
  • • They can be a leader, inspire people and build their own organization to a size they decide.
  • • Recession resistant - we proved it in 2007-2011. Numbers tell no lies.
  • • Low fees - Molly Maid only profits on a small % of the gross revenue. the more revenue the less the % is.
  • • The freedom to choose their own vendors or use the vendors that the home office has negotiated with on the franchisee's behalf.

Need more reasons to take a deep dive into Residential Cleaning as a Franchise business option for you?

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