February Newsletter

January Highlights!

Mohammed J is now the proud owner of a Doctor's Express franchise.
We obtained a line of credit for Chuma O to begin his purchase of a Seva franchise.
A line of credit was also established for William C to purchase his Bio-One franchise. Our next step with William is to rollover his 401K plan which we are in the process of completing!
Quentin S obtained an SBA Express loan for his Mr. Appliance franchise.

Learn as much as possible about a franchise before purchasing it!

I found this article in Franchise Times. We always make sure our candidates learn as much as possible about a franchise before joining the team. Talk to as many franchisees as needed and actually work in one if it is possible. Aubrey took it to a new level by working at a franchise for months before joining. Read about her story here:
Aiming high!

Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2017

This may not be the most exciting read but it does contain valuable information for those considering a franchise in 2017...

Send me an email with the heading... "Please send me the IFA Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2017"

And I will send you a copy.

Resale Opportunities

There are plenty of franchise resale opportunities out there!
Go to:
to obtain a partial list of available franchises. Email me with your location and I will send you the list for your city.

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