Complete Nutrition is coming to Connecticut!!

Ralph & Kathy Miro are bringing the Complete Nutrition brand to Connecticut!!

Ralph & Kathy have an innate desire to help others combined with extensive years in the emergency medical industry investing in the well-being and health of patients. Complete Nutrition aligns perfectly with their passion and professional experience!

They were attracted to the proven yet simple business model with over 160 stores open requiring just 3-4 employees, the 64% average gross product margin and their exclusive line of quality supplements. Complete Nutrition also offers a NEW Smoothie bar store experience and sends 100% of on-line profits back to the franchisees!

The supplement industry is a $36Billion dollar industry! That’s a lot of pills and powders but Complete Nutrition does it different. We don’t just sell supplements, we provide a full consultation to partner in real life change.

If a customer walks into a leading supplement provider, they are overwhelmed with thousands of products. They have no idea where to go and usually the minimum wage staff isn’t too motivated to help.

At Complete Nutrition, you are greeted by a professional. They take time to ask questions, build repor and trust, they put you on an electric impedance scale, run a full body scan, have you fill out a brief questionnaire. By the time you leave, you have a personalized health, exercise, nutrition plan along with great supplements in hand. You also have a 30 day follow-up appointment scheduled to measure your progress towards those goals. Its not just pills and powders, it’s a partnership toward real change. That’s what we do!

Complete Nutrition will reach 300 stores in the next 3 years!

Please call Greg Mohr at 361-772-6401 or email for more information.

To schedule an appointment:

Franchise Maven

4425 Burke Rd,

Flatonia, TX 78941

Phone. 361-772-6401