BirthdayPak Recipients Turned Franchise Owners: An Unexpected, Fulfilling Career Path

Several BirthdayPak franchise owners have something special in common: They were first BirthdayPak recipients! How did they make the leap from BirthdayPak follower to franchise owner? Each has a unique story that all started with the mailer.

Lisa Linkowsky, BirthdayPak of Central New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania
In July 2013, Lisa Linkowsky received her first BirthdayPak mailer and was excited to see it contained a gift card to her favorite restaurant.
“I thought the packaging was well done and different.”
Lisa has a background in business and marketing, and at the time, she was at a crossroads. She was working part-time from home as a project manager, but with two children in school, she sought a full-time, yet flexible opportunity. While a franchise was not on her radar initially, she sent her résumé to BirthdayPak, and her entrepreneurial spirit was lit. Lisa had a number of questions before committing – everything from training to a realistic timeline for opening zones – and management provided “tried and true answers.” Now more than four years later, she manages ten zones and just hired a sales person!

Jennifer Bradley, BirthdayPak of Dallas/Fort Worth
When Jennifer Bradley meets with potential clients, she says, “I am a walking example that this works!”
“I’ve received BirthdayPak for the last two years and used my gift cards. It adds credibility.”
Her advertising/sales career led her from a position with much in-person client interaction to another company with a desk job. That company downsized, and Jennifer was on the receiving end. When thinking about a new direction, she longed for an opportunity that would once again involve meeting with clients. As luck would have it, Jennifer received her BirthdayPak. Then she found out that the Dallas/Fort Worth territory was becoming available, talked with other owners, and saw the immense growth potential. Jennifer said it happened quickly, and she is doing what she loves. The bonus? She is crossing paths with former clients, who may be clients once again!

Randi Zerwitz Lynn, BirthdayPak of Maryland
Randi Zerwitz Lynn received her BirthdayPak in November, and by April the following year, she was a new franchise owner! Looking for a career change and with more than 20 years of business-to-business sales experience, she thought, “why not create my own career?”
Randi had been receiving a BirthdayPak for years while the area was operating under the company, and loved using it. When she heard the area was being converted to a franchise, everything aligned – the timing was perfect, she believed in the product, and liked the prospect of growing an existing area. Randi continues to spread the joy that comes with unexpectedly receiving a BirthdayPak!

Lisa Whittington, BirthdayPak of Oklahoma
After Lisa Whittington moved to Oklahoma, she got excited to see BirthdayPak in her mail, and was looking forward to trying new restaurants in her new hometown. Originally from Pennsylvania, she sadly realized the mailer was sent to her old address and forwarded. But just because she was out of a BirthdayPak area, didn’t mean she couldn’t bring it and create her own! Lisa used to sell insurance and was looking to return to work, so she looked to BirthdayPak.
“I knew it worked, and could get excited about it!”
Along with her husband Ken, they have been successfully managing a BirthdayPak franchise for three years.

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