Benefits of a Snapology Franchise

Snapology is growing but we don't want to do it alone!

Why Snapology? We provide the tools necessary to operate and manage a thriving business. You will find that we offer an incredibly flexible business model. Our training, support, robust curriculum and owner-focused business model are second-to-none. Here are just a few of the benefits of our business offering.
• Low start-up cost ($35,000-$65,000)
• Mobile, home-based business offering
• Optional Discovery Center add-on option (brick & mortar physical location)
• Multiple revenue streams to grow your business year after year
• Programs are affordable for parents and fun for children
• Parents love our programs due to their academic and interactive nature
• Snapology owners have access to Snapology's fun and academic curriculum for dozens of STEAM-based topics & themes
• Snapology offers Broad Territories (over twice the size of most)
• Snapology's robust support infrastructure allows for ease in daily operations
• Owners have continued access to new programs and fresh ideas. We are focused on leading the industry

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