Area Developer for Growing Networking Franchise

A rapidly growing Networking Franchise is looking for area developers.
Statistics on the franchise so far:
100% of the franchisees made their franchise fee back in 120 days.
70% of the franchisees bought a second territory in first year.
This can be a Passive Income.
As an Area Developer:
Normally 20 unit territories would be $40,000 each:
20 units at $40K = $800K
They are offering the area developer at 25% of the franchise fee or $200K
You will:
Share 50% of the $40K Franchise Fee for each franchisee that you place. That comes out to $20K per franchisee placed or $400K for all 20 unit territories.
Share 50% royalties for 10 years.
You do not have to run meetings or do the training.
There are currently 17 franchises in 5 states.
They have advertising in place to help you find franchisees.
You do not have to run a franchise yourself.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.
Greg Mohr
Franchise Maven
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