A Great Year Ahead with AdvantaClean

• Phil Green - AdvantaClean of Madison County Rookie of the Year.
• We added a 1700 sq. ft. training house.
• AdvantaClean now offers Moisture Control and Radon Mitigation Services.
• We are extremely proud to be a National Strategic Partner with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Phil Green is a Coast Guard Veteran, Master Carpenter, Electrician, HVAC Tech and has
over 30 years of experience in the construction field and remodeling homes. In 2014 h
e was looking for a way to expand his current business, Green Remodeling LLC, and that is when he started AdvantaClean of Madison County. In Phil’s first year of business he did $1.2 million dollars in sales and exceeded his expectations. Phil made a net profit of 38%. At our annual convention he was named "Rookie Of The Year." Phil was so proud of his team and was thankful he became a part of AdvantaClean nation. Phil’s advice for any prospect looking to start their business is, "Don't be afraid to go for it. Anyone who is willing to work hard, listen, and execute a proven plan will succeed."

AdvantaClean recently added a 1700 square foot training house that enables our coaches to train our franchisees in our home office. The house includes a crawlspace, attic, dryer vent, bedroom, flood stage, and many other state of the art features. We wanted to be able to have a hands-on training house for our owners. New owners can learn how to perform our services directly in the house during training. They are taught how to perform mold removal, water damage clean up, coil & air duct cleaning, crawl space encapsulation, and dryer vent cleaning.

AdvantaClean Partners with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Fight Against Childhood Cancer

AdvantaClean is 1 of only 65 national strategic partners with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

We have on going fundraising efforts like our “Give Five, Change Lives” initiative, which encourages customers to donate $5 for every job AdvantaClean performs. AdvantaClean hosted a celebrity golf tournament and had our franchise owners participate in the St. Jude Walk / Run as part of our fundraising efforts last year. Owner Doug Bassinger performed a $6,000 mold remediation job for free for a house that was left in St Jude’s name. This year we have fundraising implementations going on nationwide in efforts to raise $100,000 for the hospital this year. AdvantaClean has been doing charitable partnerships at the regional level since 2008. Franchisees have provided free services, such as mold removal and water damage restoration, as a way to give back to the communities they serve. Also, through partnerships with local hospitals, they have been able to provide free residential cleanup and repair services to families who have children with cancer and weakened immune systems. The partnership with St. Jude is the brand’s first national cause marketing partnership that aligns franchisees across the country.

AdvantaSeal - Crawlspace Encapsulation & Basement Waterproofing

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