4 Tips for House Flipping

4 Tips for House Flipping
..helpful hints for a successful venture

What you need to know
1. You will need capital. Expenses can pile up with unexpected surprises and needed improvements. We can help you optimize your portfolio of unsecured lines of credit and even help you establish a separate business side of your credit profile that is advantageous when tax season rolls around.

2. Think about where you are purchasing! If you purchased near an elementary school, know that your buyer is probably wanting amenities for families with children in mind. Rural areas with lots of acreage generally indicate older families or have farming in mind.

3. You need to know the ARV. ARV stands for "After Repair Value". You never generally want to be over 70% of the ARV, meaning you buy and rehabilitate the house for 70% or less of what the final selling price should be.

4. Be sure to show the inspectors, agents and buyers the work you did! Show them everything that has been improved upon and be able to speak to the value in the additions and repairs. Did your new repairs or improvements come with new warranties? If so, consider that a purchasing point and take advantage of that fact!

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