1-800 Water Damage: Overcoming the Obstacles

3 common obstacles keep people from buying a business. They can be boiled down to 3 powerful words...

1-800 Water Damage has designed a Business Model that minimizes these common hurdles. They have reduced the Mountain down to a Mole Hill.

To learn more about this amazing opportunity Click here to watch a short 1.800 Water Damage video "3 Objections & Franchise Model".

Check out these "10 Great Reasons" to join the 1-800 Water Damage Team:
1. $79,000 (All in) Investment (No Working Capital Needed!)
2. Guaranteed Minimum Income in Year 1 - $30,000
3. Franchisor Handles Billing, Accounting, and Payroll Services
4. Personal Medical Insurance and 401K Plan
5. Profit Sharing - 50% / 50% Split
6. Large Territories (350,000 Population)
7. Franchisor Pays for ALL Initial Capital Expenditures - $200,000+
8. Strong Insurance Industry Referral Leads
9. Pushdown Work from our National BELFOR Offices
10. Extensive Training and Ongoing Support

NOTE: We also offer a Traditional Model Franchise for 1-800 Water Damage. For more info on each Model, click here to schedule an appointment or email me at

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Franchise Maven

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